About Texas Juvenile Probation Commission

In 1981, the Legislature created the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission (TJPC) to ensure access to juvenile probation services throughout the state. Texas reached that goal in 1984 when, for the first time, all counties had probation services available to them. Today, Texas has 165 juvenile probation departments serving all 254 counties. The Commission supports and oversees these departments to help reduce crime and divert youth from possible commitment to the Texas Youth Commission (TYC). The departments provide an array of services, from basic probation to secure community-based placement.

What employees say

“Genuine trust and a family friendly work environment. I truly feel like part of a family in this division.”
“I feel that the work we do really makes a difference. I appreciate the flexibility Executive leadership allows and I know that they have faith in me.”
“Leadership has afforded me and others in my division numerous cutting edge trainings to enhance the effectiveness of this division. ”
“The work makes a difference for Texas youth and families and I am paid to do what I love; work to make a positive difference for both groups.”
“I am never micro-managed. My supervisor has the confidence in me that I will get the job done and done correctly. My team members are very professional and we have a good relationship. ”
Where to find Texas Juvenile Probation Commission